Child Sponsorship

$25 a month Solace (for 18 months) or Kay Lanmou YOU can SAVE a LIFE. Will you help a child in his or her battle against malnutrition? A refrigerator magnet picture of your child with some information about him or her will be mailed to you. Because of Hope Alive, parents are no longer desperate and heartbroken. They are not forced to give their children to an orphanage or into child slavery. Will you help families stay TOGETHER? If you want to choose which baby to help, please click the "Sponsor a Child" tab - top right. Please contact Jolene Wagner at by email, OR send a note with your first $25 check to include your Name, Address, and any special comments (i.e. which child if you chose a specific one). HOPE ALIVE CLINIC, PO Box 964, Medford, NJ 08055 Note: Each Solace child needs four (4) sponsors ($100 a month) to become healthy. Each Kay Lamou child needs five (5) sponsors (to include school). We combine sponsors to fully meet each child's needs.


Click below for PayPal (PayPal keeps about 3%) Or send a check to: (Hope Alive gets that 3%) Hope Alive PO Box 964 Medford, NJ 08055

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Supplies Needed

shipped from Medford Lakes, NJ and Port St. Lucie, FL

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