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January 28, 2023 - In Haiti earlier this week, eight (8) police officers were murdered by notorious gangs. The police force cannot protect themselves - let alone the population. Parents had just begun sending their precious little children back to school, but now, the country is locked down again. Hope has been replaced by discouragement. Our Hope is in the Lord. We continue to put our trust in Him.

January, 2023 - 2022 Year in review

God always provides, even in the darkest times in the darkest places. 2022 was a tumultuous year. Hope Alive never closed. Staff showed up every day for work, and our babies all stayed safe, well-fed, and thrived. Meanwhile, gangs blocked roads (robbing, kidnapping or killing anyone trying to travel). They took over the country’s incoming fuel depot, the police force, the Haitian government, and, basically, the whole population. Cholera returned. Shortages of clean water, food and fuel were felt by most everyone. Often, hospitals and banks were closed. When Hope Alive was able to attain fuel, it was often contaminated, thus damaging generators and vehicles. Please join us in prayer for a better 2023.

2 Medical Clinics –200 patients average per month at our urban facility, 75 at our rural facility,
both treating all ages with all types of medical conditions, including extensive local communities’ inoculations.

Solace – On average, 17 severely malnourished babies at one time are hospitalized here. When each reaches his or her goal weight, they return home.
We continue to work with the families after.

Kay Lanmou – Eight (8) 3-year olds are temporarily being foster sheltered while we seek good homes.

Smiles Alive Dental Clinic – 30 patients average per month

Penny’s Sewing School – 11th year running, students are learning this trade to earn a good living.

Guest House – Not used in 2022 due to instability of the country. Hopefully, we will see you again soon!

Shipping to Haiti - from Medford Lakes NJ and Port St. Lucie, FL. We appreciate size 2 diapers for Solace babies, food for hungry local communities (rice bags, beans bags, meats canned) and other donated items for babies’ moms to sell (micro-businesses) so they may buy food for their children.

Baby dedications – In June and December, several families came with their children to Hope Alive for a special service
promising to raise them in the ways of the Lord while Pastor Francois prayed over them.

Pay Increases – To help with inflation, each Hope Alive staff received a raise of at least 20%.
As you can imagine, this is a huge commitment. We are all volunteers in the US, so salaries are paid only in Haiti.

2023 Goals – 25 year anniversary of continuous operation
* More evangelical outreaches * Solar Power * Church and school acquisition next to our rural clinic (Trikon)
* New vehicle * New administration wing at urban facility (Mariani)

Our new video! Check it out!       https://youtu.be/iHSvX_2n3-s

October 1, 2022 - Port-au-Prince has the highest number of kidnappings in the world. Gang activity has closed banks, hospitals, government offices, schools, markets, overtaken police forces, roads, and even the fuel depot where all fuel comes into the country. No fuel means no electricity, no generators. Only by God's grace, Hope Alive and all its outreaches has remained open. Our staff can't find public transportation, but they walk to work everyday. Please keep them and all of Haiti in your prayers.

August 26, 2022 - After spending nearly 2 weeks in Florida, Renaud, our national administrator in Haiti went back home. We had daily planning meetings, weekly church speaking engagements, made a video, and Renaud had some "firsts" (including bowling - even scoring strikes). He made it safely back to his home in Haiti., but next to the public bus he traveled on through Port-au-Prince were numerous gun shots.

August 11, 2022 - Renaud made it safely to the Port-au-Prince Airport up to Port St. Lucie, FL to visit with Frank and Leslee Jacobs.

Our 2022 Summer Newsletter

May 25, 2022 - Praise God, Dr. Bennetty Augustin was released at 5:00 am 5/25/22.
Except for a broken arm, she seems to be doing well. Only God. Only God. We give Him praise.

May 18, 2022 - We are still praying for Benetty's safe return!

May 10, 2022 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti
A friend of Hope Alive was kidnapped on May 5, and she needs our prayers.
Dr. Benetty Augustin (Pediatrician/Head of Outpatient Clinic and Epilepsy Clinic at St. Damien's Hospital in Port-au-Prince)
is being held by a demonic gang for a significant ransom.
I asked a close friend who is a relative of Benetty her opinion of the best way to pray for this ongoing gang situation.
She said let's pray the gang leaders come to repentance and salvation through Christ Jesus.

April 20, 2022 - Carrefour, Haiti
A small commercial plane crashed enroute from Port-au-Prince to Jacmel. The crash occurred on a busy road in Karfu (Carrefour) killing at least 6 - all passengers including the pilot (who died on his way to the airport). The cause of the crash was engine failure. Karfu is close to our Mariani medical clinic and where some of our staff lives.

The irony is that flying (even with the risk or overused aircraft) is safer than driving through the gang-controlled city of Martissant, which cuts Port-au-Prince (the heart of Haiti) off from a large section of the island.

March 29, 2022 - Les Cayes (O-Cay) Airport
An Agape Flights plane was destroyed by a group of protestors. None of the humanitarian workers were injured.

October 23, 2021 - Fuel is nearly impossible to obtain at this time. The country has been effectively shut down once again.

Since January 2021 over 800 people have been kidnapped in Haiti. Many are still missing (nuns, priests, school teachers, doctors, etc.). Among the missing are 17 missionaries who were abducted on October 16, 2021: five children ages 8 months, 3 years, 6 years, 13 years, and 15 years; twelve adults ranging in age from 18 to 48. Sixteen of these are Americans; one is a Canadian. The ruthless gang called 400 Mawozo vows to kill these people if they don't receive 17 million dollars' ransom. They have killed many when ransom has fallen short, and they wouldn't hesitate to do it again.

September 16 - Hope Alive is only a few miles east of Martissant, an area notoriously blocked by gangs. Port-au-Prince, the major hub of commerce in Haiti, is on the other side of Martissant, cutting off the entire southeast peninsula of Haiti (including Hope Alive). After the earthquake, violence had subsided somewhat, opening some transportation through Martissant for obtaining supplies in Port-au-Prince. Now, once again, gangs are preventing any fuel trucks, humanitarian assistance, etc. to pass through Martissant. In addition, violent men have spread their territory, invading our area with kidnappings and killings.

September 8 - In a suburb of Chantal called "Pointe Canal", Hope Alive's staff set up a mobile medical clinic and treated 150 earthquake patients.

September 4 - Overwhelmed by so many earthquake victims who had not received any other care, we hired another doctor to serve at our mobile medical clinic in Dubray, past Chantal near Ducis. While our medical staff treated about 205 people, sadly, we could not reach everyone. The need is unimaginable. We are doing our best. Thank you for helping! See Gallery for pictures.

August 31 - Hope Alive staff created a mobile medical clinic today outside Les Cayes in Desrodieres near Torbeck. See the Gallery for pictures. They also distributed large quantities of food to Ebenezer Orphange in Simon just outside Les Cayes.

August 20 - Here is a summary of yesterday's earthquake relief efforts. Renaud reported that Hope Alive was the first organization to arrive with assistance to heavily hit Camp Perrin. Our medical team treated about 80 patients. They distributed over 2,500 bags of water, and many bags of spaghetti, salmon, cheese, prepackaged easy-to-eat foods, toilet paper, soap, 4 large sacs of rice, and a large sac of beans. A Haitian church that suffered from the 2010 earthquake donated a sac of rice and a sac of beans. It's beautiful to watch the Haitian Body of Christ in action.

Our team also distributed 8 plastic tarps to shield 8 families from rain and sun.
Each of our Les Cayes staff received one, as they are all sleeping outside.

August 19 - Renaud, one of our doctors and two of our nurses went to Camp Perrin today with food and medical supplies to treat earthquake victims today. Renaud's mother-in-law passed away this morning after living with his wife and their children for two years, making serving today a bit tough for him. Then he got a flat tire on the way, causing a slight delay. In the end, lots of desperate people with serious wounds were treated and the hungry were fed. They'll be going back to a different city soon. More updates to follow. Click the "Gallery" tab for pictures. Warning: a few are a bit graphic.

August 18- Earthquake relief efforts are underway, but hindered, as you can imagine, by flooding and mudslides in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Grace. Even in the best weather, disaster relief is a very dangerous mission due to people's desperation. Many pharmacies in Les Cayes where we normally purchase medicine and medical supplies are not accessible. Roads are blocked near the epicenter, and the pharmacies themselves are damaged. The first round of food, water, medicine and medical supplies have been purchased in the Port-au-Prince area by our Mariani staff - thanks to generous donors. Early tomorrow morning, Hope Alive's big red van (Clifford) will be filled with Mariani Clinic staff and these crucial supplies on its way to Les Cayes. This full van will meet up with our Les Cayes staff (already working). They plan to establish and responsibly operate a safe mobile medical clinic near the epicenter of the earthquake, collaborating with pastors in the area to insure security for our helpers. Updates to follow. Thank you for your continuous prayers and financial support.

August 17 - Homes (click Gallery tab for pictures received by our staff today) in the village of Trikon have been destroyed.

August 15 - Hope Alive Trikon (Les Cayes) nurse and doctor (Dr. Eventzly Garcon and Nurse Frantza Joseph) have been safely located. Anada Duge, our receptionist still has not been found, however. Please remember her in your prayers.

Our Mariani staff, who is quite experienced in earthquake relief (after serving at the epicenter after the 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake) will travel to Les Cayes to assist Dr. Eventzly and Nurse Frantza with mobile medical clinics, treating victims where the need is greatest. You can help them purchase supplies in Haiti by making a tax-deductible donation earmarked "earthquake relief".

August 14, 2021 - Around 8:30 this morning, a 7.2 earthquake struck the southwest peninsula of Haiti, close to Hope Alive Trikon Clinic. This earthquake was felt throughout the Caribbean.

July 7, 2021 - Democratically elected Jovenel Moise, President of Haiti was assassinated in his home.