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There is a baby who needs your help.  Which one would you like to sponsor?
Babies are available for sponsorship in both Solace and Kay Lamou, House of Love.
For pictures of babies in need of sponsors, please click the "Sponsor a Child" tab - top right.

Solace Nutrition Hospital nurtures severely malnourished babies with 24-hour around-the-clock care.  They're fed 4 or 5x a day, get physical therapy, and all their medical needs are met (off-site at more advanced hospitals as needed).  Solace babies are literally hugged, loved, and prayed back to good health. Each child's length of stay differs.  (Solace baby sponsorship is only 18 months.)  When they have maintained good health and have reached their goal weight, they RETURN HOME to their FAMILIES.  Solace keeps kids OUT of ORPHANAGES (where 85% of kids have living parents who give them away out of desperation).  Solace at Hope Alive KEEPS FAMILIES TOGETHER!

After babies in Solace reach their goal weight, they're released to the outpatient Mom-Tot Program.
Every week they come back to receive free food, medical care, and parental education.
We walk alongside the families in the midst of their poverty and encourage them financially for eighteen (18) months.

K A Y   L A M O U 
 (pronounced Ki Lamoo) means House of Love.  Solace works hard to restore families.
Most parents are incredibly grateful when their child graduates from Solace at his goal weight and is returned to them in good health.
A very few babies, however, cannot return to their parents, because their parents have either died or disappeared.
(Haiti has been a war zone as a result of gang violence since 2018.)
Only eight (8) of all Solace babies who have graduated have no home to go to.
Their parents are either dead or missing. We remain committed to continuously care for babies who have been abandoned at Solace.
Kay Lanmou is their temporary home after having been saved and nurtured at Solace Nutrition Hospital.
We continue to search for permanent families for them.

Whether you can sponsor a child in Solace (for 18 months) or in Kay Lamou (indefinite),
YOU can SAVE a LIFE. Will you help a child in his battle against malnutrition?
A refrigerator magnet picture of your child with some information about him or her will be mailed to you.

For only $25 a month, you can help a malnourished child in Haiti.
Because of Hope Alive, parents are no longer desperate and heartbroken.
They are not forced to give their children to orphanages or into child slavery.
With your help, families stay TOGETHER.

Please contact Jolene Wagner at by email,
or send a note with your first $25 check to include your Name, Address, and any special comments.

HOPE ALIVE CLINIC, PO Box 964, Medford, NJ 08055 (or use PayPal using this Link).