Mr. Renaud Civil

Administrator of all Haitian Operations

Pastor Antoine Francois

Administrator of Mariani Clinic

Rose Martine Elie

Solace Administrator & Pharmacist

Pastor Frank & Leslee Jacobs

Directors & Founders (Volunteers)

Jolene Wagner

Hope Alive Board Secretary / Stateside Admin. (Volunteer)

Friznel Leon

Archivist & Reception

Carlo Lesperance

Solace Assistant & Groundskeeper

Nancilia "Nancy" Verdieu

Housekeeping (Janitorial Services)

Dr. Jeanne Daphnee Lima

Physician of Tricon Clinic

Frantza Joseph

Administrator/Nurse of Tricon Clinic

Anada Duge

Receptionist/Housekeeping at Tricon Clinic

Jean Pierre Fils Dervil

Solace Assistant & Vocalist Extrodinare

Dr. Emmanuela Beaubrun Luxama

Physician Solace/Mariani Clinic

Nurse Junide Gabriel Rousseau


Junide has been with Hope Alive since Solace began in 2016. She was born on February 25, 1988 in Cayes and is the 2nd of a family of 6. She went to Siloe nursing school from 2008 to 2012 and now lives in Carrefour.

Ninedia Dieuveuil

Nurse of Solace

Employee of the Year 2021

Bernard Desrosiers

Lab Tech

He was born on February 20, 1979 and is the 1st of a family of 8. He attended the Institut Louis Pasteur to study Laboratory from 2004 to 2006. He now lives in Carrefour.

Germain Yves


Born in Delmas, he was at the orphanage of Marie Jane from 2000 to 2006. He was born on May12, 1987 and now lives with Pierre. He is 3rd in a family of 10 kids.

Dolphin Immacula (Bridgette)

Housekeeping (Janitorial Services)

Solon Iramene

Kay Lamoun Mom

Nurse Brunia B. Celestin

Wislande SaintVil Lesperance

Nurse Assistant (Solace)

Monique Salomon

Nurse's Aide

Marie Josee Joseph

Nurse's Aide (Solace)

Sonia Civil

Haught Cuisine (Chef)

She is a Christian & a terrific chef.

Marie Agathe Bougette

Cook for babies and daily meal for staff

Jean Jocelyn

Security Guard

Augustine Merline


Barbara Long

Hope Alive Board Treasurer (Volunteer)

Barb was Hope Alive's original Treasurer in 1998. She took a leave of absence, and returned in 2021. Welcome back, Barb!

Douglas Mayer, MD

Hope Alive Board Member (Volunteer)

Dr. Doug met his wife, Jenna, while on a mission trip with Hope Alive in 2003. He joined the Board of Hope Alive in 2011.

"Little Oskar"

Director of Fun